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COVID-19 and Genesee Academy

What we are going through now is something we all share as a global population. There are shared challenges such as being restricted in our travel, limited in our interactions with others, being confined to our homes, and dealing with empty shelves at the store. There is also the anxiety about the virus as we struggle to understand the net impact of this pandemic.

Not everyone is impacted in the same way. For each of us there are also unique challenges that may include not being able to work (or having family members and friends who cannot work), worrying about how to pay the bills, losing your savings or retirement accounts as the markets crash, not being able to care for loved ones, and balancing the risk of exposure to the virus for people with high risk medical conditions.

In speaking with our colleagues we have found that many have more time available and maybe even a case of cabin fever as everyone is requested (or required) to work from home. In many cases this is not a bad time to focus on learning something new or improving your skills.

When it comes to the training courses that we provide, it is clear that most all in-person classes are teetering on the edge of being cancelled. This has lead us to the release of our new training protocol, the PodClass Training protocol. The idea is that we never actually need to cancel a class. The classes will run with a built-in fail safe that includes three scenarios: 1) attend the class at the venue, 2) attend with colleagues in a small group Pod at your office, or 3) attend individually at home or in your office in an individual node.

While distance learning has been out there for decades, prior iterations have failed to adequately address the interactivity required for modeling classes. With our blend of tools and techniques, we have put together a program that is as close as possible to a face-to-face classroom experience. We are able to have the entire class join and interact with lectures and white board sessions, divide the class into small groups who can collaborate together on real-time, shared modeling applications while also seeing each other through video chat. With an instructor and multiple facilitators running each class, these sessions are amazingly powerful.

The decision to register and attend most other courses today has two risks. One is that the class may, at a moments notice, be cancelled. The second is that if the class is held online instead, the remote format may not be effective for our team.

To address these risks, and to make this decision a bit easier for each of our customer companies and prospective students, we are presenting two important decision criteria:

1) The guarantee that the class will run on-time and on-schedule.

2) The option for all students attending PodClass training classes to later join a classroom course at no charge.

In this way you are guaranteed to get the training as scheduled and, if that training was held online through PodClass Training protocol, then you have the option to attend the course again in the classroom as soon as it is deemed safe to do so.

We have now finished our first PodClass Training class in Melbourne Australia. We had students from government organizations, private companies and large consulting groups participate in this class. The training was excellent and the tools/techniques worked as planned and tested.


Please see the PodClass Training Protocol info HERE.

Please reach out to with any additional questions you may have.

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