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Data Vault Modeling and Methodology

"The Data Vault is the optimal approach for modeling the EDW in the DW2.0 framework" - Bill Inmon.

The courses in this track provide hands-on knowledge of how and why the Data Vault data modeling is important to the business.  The courses dive deep in to the different modeling techniques, and the pros and cons of using specific modeling components for different purposes.  These classes provide students an enriched set of job skills which can be carried forward into 2nd generation enterprise data warehousing initiatives.  These courses also address similarities, differences, and best practices for implementing, loading, designing, and managing Data Vault projects.

Just as 3rd normal form is optimal for operational systems, and Star Schema is suited to OLAP and drill down, the Data Vault Model is optimal for enterprise data warehousing and horizontal integration of lines of business.

Our specialty is the Data Vault Modeling. This is built for highly scalable, flexible, and auditable enterprise data warehousing design. These classes provide hands-on knowledge of how and why data modeling architecture is important to the business.

Course: Data Vault Certified Data Modeler   CDVDM
Instructors: Hans Hultgren, Remco Broekmans, Antoine Stelma, Brian Bradley, Roelant Vos, Thomas Janssen, Nik Hultgren, Scot Reagin
Duration: 3 days, 2 1/2 day workshop, 1/2 day certification test

Course #:

Pre-Requisites: On-line courses MUST be completed at http://www.DataVaultAcademy.com
Cost: $3295 USD per student on-site, $2500 USD at Genesee Academy
Target Audience: Enterprise architects, data warehouse architects, enterprise data modelers, data integration developers, Business Intelligence architects, business analysts, data scientists, report designers, data professionals involved in data warehouse environments.

The class will move at a pace that assumes students are generally familiar with basic data warehousing concepts and have some education and experience in the field.

Students who have experience with the data vault will find the course very valuable to synchronize on best practices and to align with current best practices for data vault and ensemble modeling.



Students have 2 weeks of access to online video lessons prior to the first day of class.

Our on-line class modules cover the basics, introductory, and advanced material and are available at: http://www.DataVaultAcademy.com

This class agenda covers the following:

* 2 1/2 day of lecture, case study, group work, and review
* 1/2 day of certification exam.

Course: Data Vault Certified Advanced Data Modeler
Information: See our ON-LINE classes at http://www.DataVaultAcademy.com for more information