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Certified Data Vault Modelers

The following people have completed the CDVDM seminar class and scored at a mastery level on the CDVDM certification exam.

We list only those consultants names and companies who have earned certification and wish to have their public information displayed here. There are certified individuals and employees who have opted to not be listed.

Further, all persons listed in this section have agreed to communicate clearly to all customers and partners (and other parties) the core fundamentals of the Data Vault in a manner consistent with Genesee Academy materials, Data Vault & Ensemble Modeling, the Data Vault Pillars (below) and also in a manner consistent with the Bill Inmon DW2.0 definitions of the data warehouse and the EDW.

To confirm that your model is compliant with these and other related best practices, please contact us directly to review and assess your Data Vault data model.

The Data Vault Pillars include:

  1. Data Vault Models are built entirely upon Hubs, Links and Satellites

  2. Data Vault Hubs and Links contain no descriptive attributes

  3. Satellites contain all descriptive attributes (all context, details) and all History (time slice values)

  4. Data Vault Hubs contain no Foreign Keys

  5. Satellites contain one-and-only-one Foreign Key (for the Hub to which it is attached)

  6. All relationships represented in a Data Vault are manifest through Link Tables

  7. Satellites can attach directly to one-and-only-one Hub

  8. Data Vault Hubs and Links all use a Sequence ID for a primary key

Certified Data Vault Models

To companies and customers who have had their Data Vault Models "CERTIFIED" by us through our Model Certification Process.  If you are interested in having your Data Vault model certified, please contact for details.  Certified models will carry our guarantee that the benefits of the Data Vault will be realized - including full auditability, lower TCO, adaptability, and the ability to scale.


Centennium's Antoine Stelma and Nutreco
Certified Data Vault Model, June 2009
The FIRST Certified Data Vault Model.  They have done a tremendous job defining and setting the standard by which all other Certified Data Vault Models will be evaluated.  They are the worlds FIRST organizations to have completed successfully a Data Vault Model certification.  We are proud to grant them this distinction which sets them apart from the competition.


Ronald Damhof and RDW (Governmental Vehicle Administration)
Certified Data Vault Model, January 2010
The FIRST Government based certified Data Vault Model.  They have provided a wonderful data vault model that meets all Data Vault modeling standards.  Ronald Damhof is our Grand Master in the Netherlands, and assists us with many different facets of Data Vault Modeling and Consulting.

Special Mention 

To individuals who helped bring the Data Vault to the public, or have shown high quality Data Vault consulting efforts in the past.

Claudia ImhoffCalla KnopmanScott CrownoverKrish Krishnan

Bill InmonJeff JonasBruce McCartneyAntoine Stelma

Clive FinklesteinBonnie O'NealChuck KelleyTom Breur

Stephen BrobstBob SeinerKent GrazianoErik Fransen


Certified Data Vault Grand Master
Ronald Damhof in the Netherlands is authorized as a Certified Data Vault Grand Master.  We work with Ronald to provide assessments, consulting services, and training engagements.



Certified Data Vault Masters
These consultants have been working with the Data Vault for more than 5 years, and have achieved special status with us, as we have seen their work in the industry, along with their presentations and papers to user groups.

Kent Graziano

Kevin Goodfellow

Juan-Jose Van Der Linden

Ben Isenhour

Dan Sullivan

Maarten Ketelaars

James Raper

Bill Inmon

Linda Myerkord

Mike Bush

Michael Doves

Martijn Evers

Lowell Fryman

Lars Boström

Remco Broekmans

Tjaart Riekert

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