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Business Mapping & ELM

The ELM is an enterprise business model that is capable of capturing the enterprise-wide, agile, business model requirements. The ELM model is the result of business mapping done by business representatives of the organization through interactive, facilitated, business-driven design sessions.

During the workshop, participants work together on identifying the Core Business Concepts (CBCs) of the organization and the Natural Business Relationships (NBRs) that associate the concepts. The end result will be a Logical Data Model ready to serve as input for a Data Vault based EDW or any other form of integrated storage of data.


Vault Modeling and Certification

​​This is a hybrid course, with three (3) days in the classroom (online PosClass during COVID) and two (2) weeks of on-demand videos that will be available to students 24 hours a day, 2 weeks prior to the start of class. The time in the classroom will consist of interactive, guided group lab work to further the understanding of Data Vault Modeling. After the class, there will be an online exam to test the knowledge gained by each student. This exam is written in English and the grading is not based on grammar or spelling, only ideas and concepts.

Data Vault Modeling
& Lab

The next level beyond the Certified Data Vault Data Modeler course is the Advanced Data Vault.  This course consists of 2 intensive days of interactive modeling and group case analysis.

This course follows an example-driven approach based on over a dozen real-life modeling cases. Through interactive group analysis and discussions, and drawing on the experiences of the students in the class, the various alternatives are uncovered, considered, often ranked, and ultimately classified and categorized based on best practice considerations, pros & cons, and how appropriate they might be given the specific business scenarios.

*Must already have Data Vault Certification to take this course

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